Hilltop Grade A Amber Maple Syrup (230g)

Hilltop Grade A Amber Maple Syrup (230g)

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This pure Canadian Maple Syrup gets its distinctive amber colour and rich flavour from being harvested in the middle of the season.

Hilltop's Maple Syrup is completely natural runny goodness in an easy squeezy, recyclable bottle. The taste, colour and aroma from season-to-season is subtly different, as the Maple flavour matures over time. Each harvest offers a naturally unique taste for every palate.

Perfect for pouring on pancakes and waffles or for your low FODMAP baking.


Pure Maple Syrup (100%)

Low FODMAP serving size

50g (3 tablespoons)

Typical Nutritional Values Per 100g
Energy 1088kJ/260kcal
Protein <0.1g
Fat <0.1g
of which saturates <0.1g
Carborhydrates 67.4g
  of which sugars 60.5g
Fibre <0.1g
Salt 0.03g

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