ACADIAN Organic Maple Syrup (500ml)

ACADIAN Organic Maple Syrup (500ml)

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Maple syrup is one of the world’s oldest agricultural crops and is one of few crops which can be called entirely North American. Pure maple syrup is a non-cultivated, non-fertilized food which is virtually untouched by human hands. Derived from trees, maple syrup is a woodland crop produced only in the spring of the year in the vast hilly forested regions of Eastern Canada.

As a gourmet food item, Acadian Maple’s maple syrup is pure, naturally organic and healthy. It is an extremely versatile food item that can be used in a variety of  food preparations, with many people replacing the use of cane sugar with the healthier maple alternative.

Earliest best before date: 27/11/20


    Organic Maple Syrup*

    * Certified Organic by Qai






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