ANILA'S Dhansak Korma Sauce (300g)

ANILA'S Dhansak Korma Sauce (300g)

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Handmade with fresh ingredients, Anila Vaghela's delicious sauces are all onion and garlic free. An exciting find for those following the low FODMAP diet. 

This sauce is mildly spiced and made with rinsed canned chickpeas, creamy coconut and a hint of tamarind to give a nutty and creamy flavour. It is a concentrated sauce to be used with part water plus the main ingredient to create curries in minutes. The sauces can be easily adapted to make curries milder or creamier with the addition of lactose free cream or yoghurt. 

Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, onion free, garlic free, no added sugar.

  • Silver Award Winner for the Free From Food Awards 2018 - FODMAP friendly category.  Judges comments: 'Good flavour – tangy spicy. Quite tomato-ey but creamy – just like a normal korma.'
  • Great Taste Awards Winner

Heat Rating: 2 chillies.

Serving suggestion (serves 4)

  1. Pour the contents of the jar into a saucepan and heat. Add your desired vegetables, meat or fish and continue to gently cook (seal) for 2 mins until they are nicely coated.
  2. Fill up the same empty jar with cold water and add the desired amount depending on the ingredients used.
  3. Cover and cook gently on a low to medium heat for 10-15 mins for a vegetable dish and up to 30 mins for a meat dish or until the food is tender and the sauce has thickened.
  4. Garnish with tomato wedges and fresh coriander. Serve with rice.
  5. If you prefer a milder curry simply add 2-3 tablespoons of lactose free cream or yoghurt towards the end of cooking.

Try this sauce as a spread on pizza, sandwiches and to create dips.


Tomatoes*, Fennel**, Coconut Milk****, Creamed Coconut****, Rapeseed Oil, Chickpeas***, Tomato Puree*****, Chilli Powder, Ginger, Green Chillies, Salt, Spices (no onion or garlic), Tamarind. 

*       Canned tomatoes are well within the Monash limit of 90g per serving.

**      Monash allows 49g of fennel bulb per serving. Anila has confirmed that fennel used in the recipe is significantly below this limit.

***    Canned chickpeas are rinsed and below the Monash serving limit of 30g.

****   Creamed coconut and coconut milk confirmed below Monash serving limit of 75g.

***** Tomato puree used is less that the Monash limit of 2 tablespoons per serving. 

Anila's background

Anila started her culinary skills at a very young age, helping her great grandmother, grandmother and mum grind spices and make curries, pickles and chutneys and even poppadums.

Anila's produce eight premium concentrated curry sauces, handmade in small batches, as well as a range of 16 chutneys, pickles and dips made with single fruits and vegetables. The firm has won 11 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food for its products. They are free from artificial colours, additives and preservatives, and are sugar, dairy and gluten free and contain no onion or garlic, making them suitable for people with food intolerances.

Using up to twenty-three different spices, the sauces have a homemade quality just like "Mum makes" and there are certainly no imitations. You need only to taste them to appreciate the difference.

Anila says: "I believe I can bring delicious tastes and flavours to people looking for authentic Indian cooking."


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