BIONA Organic Chickpeas (400g)

BIONA Organic Chickpeas (400g)

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Best before (Y/M/D): 2023/01/31

Biona Organic Chick Peas are satisfyingly filling and deliciously moreish. A pantry essential and a great source of fibre, made with no added sugar or salt.
Give homemade hummus a velvety texture, or let their creamy taste round off spicy dahls and wholesome stews.

Chickpeas*, Water.

*Certified organic ingredients 

Low FODMAP serving: 

Per Monash University, 42g (1/4cup) canned chickpeas are low FODMAP. 
Note: the canned chickpeas need to be rinsed as the Chickpea FODMAPs (Oligos-GOS and Fructans) leach out into the water during the canning process. 

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