A LITTLE BIT YUMMY E-Courses & Meal Plans

Is Your Gut Controlling Your Life? Do you need help navigating the world of low FODMAP meals?

We have all been there. Reached the point when we know we need to do something - when the pain and digestive discomfort becomes too much that we need to take the big and scary step of following a low FODMAP diet.

But with a little bit of help and the right resources, making that step doesn't need to be daunting. A Little Bit Yummy has a wealth of resources to help you adjust to this new way of living. Their two clubs are full of tips and ideas of how best to start your low FODMAP journey. 

If you have IBS or another gut condition, then these clubs will give you expert low FODMAP support. From meal plans, educational e-courses, delicious low FODMAP recipes and assistance with identifying your trigger foods, A Little Bit Yummy will help you reclaim your freedom and enjoy food again! 


  • Learn the FODMAP Basics
  • Get coached through challenging FODMAPs
  • Discover your happy gut long-term plan


  • Customisable meal plans & recipes
  • Matching grocery list & buying tips
  • 600+ low FODMAP recipes you’ll love
  • Vegan & vegetarian options available


  • Email the support team anytime
  • Ability to email a dietitian to ask questions
  • Safe platform to chat with someone whose been on this journey too