About Us

FODMarket is a family run business and is the UK's first online store dedicated to supplying a multi-brand variety of low FODMAP food products for people living with IBS and similar digestive health issues.

As followers of a FODMAP controlled diet, we realised how difficult and frustrating it can be to buy low FODMAP convenience foods. People following the diet often feel restricted in their food choices and need to prepare food from scratch in order to enjoy tasty meals. In the busy world we live in, cooking from scratch is not always feasible. We therefore have made it our ambition to supply a variety of convenient low fodmap food products that are not otherwise readily available. 

We supply both certified and non-certified low FODMAP food. The ingredients for certified products have been tested by Fodmap Friendly or Monash University and you can therefore eat these products without referring to the ingredients list.

For non-certified products, whilst they are generally low FODMAP, we would recommend checking the ingredients to ensure they are suitable for you.

All ingredients are listed for all our products, whether certified or not, as we realise that some people are less tolerant than others. If any ingredients are unclear, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We are constantly looking for new products to source. If you have any recommendations for products that are otherwise hard to get in the UK, please contact us on contact@fodmarket.com

Best wishes and bon appetit.

Linda Collinet
Founder, FODMarket Ltd